Our vision

The aim of this project phase is to obtain 43 142 500 CZK to build the hospice and equip it.

Investors we approach are mainly business entities but we have addressed private citizens as well. We appreciate all contributions in any amount from the general public. Each contribution is equally important!

1. Build and operate a children's inpatient hospice

The intention is to build an area with a central hospice building and a garden.

The main idea is to create a nice place for the clients allowing them to stay at the hospice in an absolute discretion and at the same time providing them with possibilities to spend their time while there – a swimming pool, mini-golf, etc. Part of the area will be used to involve the community in the life of the hospice (fairs, children's days, benefit concerts, etc.).

The actual location of the hospice is currently under negotiation. The suitability of the land determines the following criteria:

The total capacity of the children's hospice is 5 clients with their families.

We would like to double the capacity in the future.

Land in solution
Building (capacity – 5 families) 33 142 500 CZK
Equipment 10 000 000 CZK

2. Starting cooperation

We also plan to start cooperating with entities that deal with child palliative care and jointly develop a systematic approach to child and adolescent patients and their families.

3. Put together a team of experts for mobile children's hospice

4. Public disclosure of the theme of illness and death among children, the active involvement of citizens and legal entities