House for Juliet

There are things we cannot change.

When a close person is dying, it is difficult to make peace with it. And when that person is a child, it is almost impossible. The loss of Juliet was hard on everyone close to her but in despite of that her parents had enough strength to agree with the donation of her heart. They gave another child a hope they themselves had lost and this moving act inspired us to name our hospice after Juliet.

Juliet’s story gives hope at the moment when there is no hope left

Juliet’s story

The older I get, the more I realize that everyone bears their own cross and the death of a child is one of the most difficult trials of life. Those who have not experienced it cannot imagine the pain, helplessness and emptiness of a parent who cannot help their child. In the end everyone is left alone in his despair.

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Who are we?

Loss of a child is always a devastating experience for the family. Waiting for the end brings with it an unbearable torment. You cannot prepare for it. And you cannot reconcile. Yet there is a way to ease this overwhelming period. The House for Juliet palliative team will allow families to spend these moments in an atmosphere filled with love, understanding and security. And above all they can be together. At the same time we provide a relief service that hasn’t been available in the Czech Republic until now.

Jan Koller

Jan Koller

Former Czech football striker and representative

We are a group of friends that are extremely worried that hundreds of children and adolescents die in the Czech Republic (485 in 2015), mostly in hospitals or other health care facilities. Unfortunately, there is still not a facility that would provide the conditions needed for palliative care and at the same time support the families through the last stage of the disease together. We want to change that. How? We want to build the first hospice in the Czech Republic.

„Support the first children's hospice in the Czech Republic
just like me. It makes sense!“ Jan Koller

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Together until the end

Together through the pain

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Map of hospice care
Naše vize


The core of our project is to become home and shelter, quiet and friendly place for our patients and their families. To find such land and build the hospice grounds that would meet all our ideas and needs of families is not simple. Hospice equipment and its subsequent operation are expensive.

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What kind of services would we like to offer?

The first children's hospice in the
Czech Republic

Our goal is to provide all the services that are needed for the relief treatment of incurably ill children and adolescents.

Offering support
and advice

We want to offer families caring for terminally ill children and young people all the help with arranging all necessary formalities and any request related to care.

A dignified farewell
and individual mourning

Last but not least, we want to provide families with the necessary environment and plenty of time for a dignified farewell with privacy and for individual mourning.

The possibility of entrusting the child or adolescent
to specialist care

Not many people realize that taking care of ill child is a 24-hour job regardless of the parents’ and siblings’ personal life. Thanks to the possibility of entrusting the ill child into our care the parents will be able to focus on keeping the family together, caring for their spouse and for the siblings.

Mobile team of experts

Part of the services of a baby bed hospice will be a mobile team of professionals who will provide the necessary support to families who decided to care for their beloved child in their home.

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